Welcome to the very first Crimson Sky Music Festival at the Skipper's "Skipperdome".  The Crimson Sky Music Festival

is presented by Crimson Sky Ranch LLC,  and is a unique musical experience both for the performers and for the audience.   

This is where the audience are also the performers, and are united as one to bring great live music to all who attend.


The process begins as early as a year before the festival, when a system called "The Grid" where dozens of musicians

from around the world form teams for the sole purpose of independently learning their chosen songs and then

performing them just once, for the first time.... without any prior rehearsals in front of a live audience.  An incredibly

spontaneous and exhilarating experience for those both on and off the stage, and you never know exactly

what will happen with a totally different combination of players on every song. 

We will also be showcasing SIX incredible bands throughout the day from all around the USA 

(and beyond).  So we hope you will  join us for a music festival experience like no other!!