1.)  All musicians will have the opportunity to select songs & parts they would like to play.  You can ADD new songs on The Grid or JOIN songs that another player previously added.  When you ADD a new song to The Grid, you are the designated "Leader" of that song.  Once your added song has a full team of players, as team leader it is up to you to encourage communication about topics such as song versions, instrumentation, time signatures, song endings and more, between the participants on that song. A page on Facebook will be set up for each song, and will allow you to get to know your song team(s).  When the roster of players/instruments on your song is complete, the song "Goes Green" and will be scheduled to be performed at the ranch. You are allowed to add up to two parts to a single song.  EXAMPLES:  Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar,  Drums & Backing Vocals, etc.


​2.)  Choose songs that you feel will have appeal to the audience and will likely fill up on The Grid.  If you choose a particularly obscure  song, don't be too surprised if very few of the other musicians join the song.  This means the song may not end up with a full team of players, and may ultimately not be performed at the ranch.  You are encouraged to lobby other players to join your songs (that's part of the fun).  ​Unless otherwise noted on your Song Request Form, the "studio version" will be the default version of the song.


​3.)  You can ADD or JOIN as many songs as you reasonably feel you want to play and are capable of learning, rehearsing and performing.  Be careful, it's easy to over do it, so don't chose more songs than you feel comfortable with.  Be aware that the likelihood of all your songs going green are somewhat slim.  The best way to make this a great show for both you and the audience, is to initially ADD a couple of songs you are really excited about playing when The Grid first opens.  Then JOIN a few songs that other players have posted.  And then hold off and just watch and wait until you see some songs you think you might like, that aren't getting much attention, and decide if you might want to lend a helping hand.  ​


4.)  We will have approximately 12 hours of live music on Saturday.  We have a system in place for a maximum 5 minute transition between songs to maximize the amount of songs performed during the day.  As The Grid fills, we will be keeping track of how much performance time is remaining on the song schedule.  Once we run out of available time, The Grid will close, and any incomplete songs will be deleted.  Notifications will be posted once we get to the point that we are down to the last few songs that can be completed due to time constraints.  

Any questions, just ask on the event's Facebook page (link below), or email us at